Home Treatments for Minor Burns

Burns are very painful and can be scarring if not treated immediately. If you have a minor burn and don’t wish to seek medical treatment, there are home remedies that will help ease the pain and help the burn heal quickly. These remedies are readily available, easy to prepare and also very affordable. Many people already keep these items on hand for other uses.

Honey is a very common home remedy for burns and it has many healing properties. It’s best to use raw, unprocessed honey as it still contains all the factors that promote health. Honey acts to sooth the pain of the burn, while also decreasing the chance of blisters forming after the burn. Honey kills bacteria on the burn to prevent infection. It truly can work miracles compared to over the counter burn remedies.

Some other household items that can act to relieve the pain of a burn are yogurt, milk and a sliced onion. Putting diluted vinegar on the burn may help it heal quicker and prevent blistering. Once the burn begins to heal you can apply liquid vitamin E to help speed healing and prevent scarring. While the burn is healing it should be lightly bandaged with gauze to prevent the introduction of bacteria during activities, but it also needs time to air out to speed the healing process.